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I had to wash my hands of a lot of movies because … Tapsi pins expose Bollywood


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Mumbai (NNI) Indian actor Tapsi Pinn has revealed that he has had to wash his hands of many films due to the trend of nepotism in the Indian industry. Recently, the cause of death of Indian actor Sushant Singh was Indian. The culture of nepotism is being perpetuated in the industry
Against which famous artists are raising their voices, now after many artists, actress Tapsi Panu, who has come to the Indian industry from outside and celebrates her work and name, has also revealed that she does not have many films due to nepotism.

In an interview, Tapsi Pinnu, the heroine of the film ‘Thapar’, said that there is a tendency of kinship in Bollywood due to which she too had to give up many films at the beginning of her career. “Before working in a film, it is seen whether you are from inside the industry or from outside the city, if you belong to a well-known film house,” said Tapsi Pinnu. You and your abilities are trusted and if you come from outside the film industry and you have no acquaintances, your abilities are not trusted. ”Tapsi said that if you are a star kid and When your first film is released, the audience wants to see it. They buy tickets in advance and want to see you in the cinema. No one books tickets for their films in advance. Fans are not interested in seeing them in cinemas. Tapsi Panu, 32, said that if you come from outside and are not in the industry. If you have succeeded in making it, then you are happy that whatever you have achieved, you have done on your own. Because of this he got a job in this film.


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